How would you like see incredible entertainment from all around the world? When you come to the Dollywood Festival of Nations, you won’t even need a passport! This annual event brings musicians, dancers, chefs, and entertainers from across the globe to the Great Smoky Mountains. Located right around the corner from our Pigeon Forge cabins, this one of a kind celebration is the perfect family vacation activity.

Where and When

The Dollywood Festival of Nations will run from March 22 through April 21. During every day of the festival, there will be various performances around the theme park at the following locations: Showstreet, Craftsmans Valley, Rivertown Junction, and the Village. In addition to these shows, guests will enjoy authentic food and art from many different countries throughout the park.

Once a day, there will be a special One World Celebration that brings together all of the visiting performers for a combined musical show. This daily all-star performance will take place at Showstreet.

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Dollywood flower butterfly at entranceWe are also offering great specials during the Festival of Nations! When you book three nights at our cabins in Pigeon Forge, you will get a fourth night for free. To take advantage of this deal use the code 4Free13. Guests who decide to stay for an entire week will get their seventh night free of charge. This year-round special is already included in our weekly rates.

Read on to learn about the wonderful performances you will see at the Festival of Nations.

African Entertainment

Mother Africa is a world class group of acrobats, dancers, and musicians from various countries in Africa. Over one million people around the world have seen Mother Africa perform!

Location: Showstreet

Zambian Vocal Group is an acapella troupe specializing in inspirational Christian music. Blending traditional African rhythms with complex harmonies, Zambian Vocal Group sings feel good music that is sure to put a smile on your face.

Location: Rivertown Junction

South American Entertainment

Atahualpa brings the music of the Andes Mountains to the Great Smoky Mountains. This Ecuadorian band plays traditional Incan songs along with contemporary music.

Location: Showstreet

La Danza de Colombia celebrates Colombia’s rich history and culture. Skilled dancers bring native folklore to life in a colorful and energetic show.

Location: Showstreet

Stings of Fire musician at DollywoodStrings on Fire features the virtuoso harp playing of Paraguay’s Matriano Gonzalez and the stellar percussion of Carlos Caro. Together, these two talented musicians create hypnotic polka and tango rhythms.

Location: Craftsman’s Valley

European Entertainment

Moscow Nights performs Russian folk music with authentic instruments including balalaikas and accordions. When this band starts performing, you will swear you’re standing on a Moscow street corner.

Location: Rivertown Junction

Piano Ballet is something you have to see to believe. A motorized piano from Italy will zoom around the streets of Dollywood with a real ballerina on top!

Location: Village

Streichmusik Alder is a Swiss string band that founded by  Ulrich and Johannes Alder in 1884! Many generations later, the Alders and their friends are still making traditional music complete with yodeling and alphorn playing.

Location: Village

The Buddy MacDonald Trio performs original music inspired by Irish and Scottish folk tunes. It’s hard to not get swept up in MacDonald’s beautifully crafted songs.

Location: Craftsman’s Valley

Zebra Stelzentheater is a group of talented Bavarian stilt walkers. These adventurous performers have even been known to dress up as grasshoppers and hop around the park on spring-loaded jumping stilts!

Location: Showstreet

Dolly's closet storefront in DollywoodTickets

Admission to Dollywood costs $58 for adults, $46 for children (ages 4 -11), and $53 for seniors (age 60 +). You can buy tickets on the Dollywood website.

If you think you’ll be returning to the Festival of Nations throughout your stay in the Smokies, consider buying a season pass to Dollywood. When you buy three season passes, you can purchase adult passes for $84 and children’s passes for $72.  When you buy four passes, you can purchase adult passes for the reduced price of $79 and children’s passes for $67.

Book a Cabin

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