During the spring and summer months, the trees that make up the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are painted with varying shades of green and form a beautiful sight. When the temperature starts to drop and summer begins to fade into fall, the trees begin to take on gorgeous varieties of orange, red and brown. Seeing the mountains as the trees make the transition from summer to fall and begin to take on their autumn colors is truly a breathtaking experience. There’s no better time to visit the Smokies than during this time of year. Here’s why we think fall is the best season in the Smoky Mountains:

view of fall in the Great Smoky MountainsThe Beautiful Colors of Fall in the Great Smoky Mountains

Knowing why the leaves change as they do can help you know when to plan your visit. Leaves begin to change colors when the nights get longer during this time of the year, and that is what is considered the primary factor in the change. The changes in color happen because there is less time during the day for photosynthesis to occur. So when photosynthesis slows down, the chlorophyll in leaves starts to break down, causing them to change from green to red, orange, or yellow. Historical trends tell us that the colors remain in peak brightness during the latter half of October in the Smoky Mountains.

When Leaves Change in the Smokies

During some years, the trees begin changing in early October, and sometimes they can start as early as the end of September. If the weather in the area has been particularly dry that year, then the color changes probably won’t happen until early or mid November. However, if the Smoky Mountains get normal rainfall, the average time period when leaves change colors is mid to late October. The changing leaves are just one of the many things to love about fall in the Smoky Mountains!

Be sure to check out these things you’ll love about fall in the Smoky Mountains!

river in the Smoky Mountains in fallCabins in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge Offer the Best Views of the Mountains

Taking in the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains should be on everyone’s to-do list when it comes to a Smoky Mountains vacation. There are numerous ways to see the colorful changes in the mountains, including hiking the trails, taking a scenic drive, or visiting one of the many attractions in the area. No matter how you decide to take in the mountains, you will see sights that take your breath away.

One of the best ways to really enjoy the changing leaves is to stay in a cabin!  Our cabins in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge provide guests with breathtaking views the moment they wake up, whether you book a cabin with a mountain view or a wooded view. Come see the beautiful colors of the hills and create memories that last a lifetime!

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