The Smoky Mountains are filled with natural beauty! When you rent a cabin in Pigeon Forge, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful woods and mountain views. Some of our Smoky Mountain cabins have the added benefit of being right next to a stream! Relax by the river and enjoy all the benefits of renting a Smoky Mountain cabin. Here are 4 ways to enjoy our cabins on the river in Pigeon Forge:

1. Watch Nature

river romance viewWhen you rent Smoky Mountain cabins on the river in Pigeon Forge, your chance of seeing Smoky Mountain wildlife increases. Animals love to come and drink by a stream! Some animals you might see in the Smokies are black bears, deer, and small critters. If you choose a cabin in a wooded setting, be on the outlook for animals walking around the grounds of your cabin. Always be cautious and never approach wildlife to feed or pet! Bring some binoculars on your vacation and try them out while relaxing on your cabin deck. Have a fantastic time seeing some beautiful creatures in the wild!

2. Listen to the Stream

Have you ever felt relaxed after listening to a babbling brook? A vacation is a time for relaxing and enjoying your time away from all the stressors of life! When you stay in one of our cabins on the river in Pigeon Forge, listen to the stream as it gently flows. It can be very relaxing and should improve your mood! Notice the different sounds as the water rolls over the rocks in the stream. Enjoy the experience!

3. Sit on the Porch

whispering waters deckOur cabins on the river in Pigeon Forge come with spacious porches for you to sit outside with your family or friends and witness all the beauty of the Smokies! Your porch may include a porch swing or rocking chairs to take advantage of. Enjoy the sights from the comfort of your deck or walk around your cabin grounds and enjoy a mountain breeze. You might even be able to go fishing at some of our cabins on the river! Check the rules and regulations beforehand. Whatever you decide, there is a large comfortable porch for you to enjoy as much as you want on your trip!

4. Relax in the Hot Tub

Guests love taking advantage of a hot tub in a Smoky Mountain cabin rental. Lucky for you, most of our cabins come with this great amenity! When you book one of our cabins on the river in Pigeon Forge, you’ll get to relax in a hot tub and experience the peaceful views and sounds of the rolling stream at the same time! Soak in the bubbling water and get some much needed relaxation!

You just learned the 4 ways to enjoy our cabins on the river in Pigeon Forge. A relaxing time awaits you! There are some great cabins on the river in Pigeon Forge to explore! Learn all about our Pigeon Forge cabin rentals on the river for your next getaway! Have fun relaxing by the river!