It is widely known that East Tennessee is home to one of the most family-friendly vacation atmospheres in the country, making it easy to see why thousands of families come to the Smoky Mountain area year after year for some good old-fashioned family time. While vacations can be tons of fun, often when you’re bringing along young children, there is a layer of stress added to even the most relaxing atmosphere – but that doesn’t have to be the case! If you’re heading to the Smoky Mountains with young children this year, be sure to start your vacation planning by keeping these 4 tips in mind:

1. Choose Lodging Wisely

Few things are more stressful than cramming people and things into a space that just wasn’t made to fit everything you needed to bring along. With thousands of lodging options in the area, how do you know which type (cabin, condo or hotel) is right for you? We know from experience that our cabin rentals in the Smokies are by far the best option for families traveling with young kids.

Outside view of the cabin Parkside PartyWe understand that not only do you need enough space to accommodate the people with you, you also have to think about where you’ll put things like a Pack ‘N Play, monitors, toys, feeding supplies, etc., and those things can’t just be shoved into a coat closet to create more space. Our cabin rentals in the Smokies are available in many different sizes and floor plans designed to meet the needs of families no matter the life-stage of your children, and the extra space will allow you to enjoy time spent together in the cabin too!

2. Leave Technology Behind

Nothing spells quality time like being able to provide your children with your undivided attention, especially while on vacation at our cabin rentals in the Smokies! It’s so easy these days to spend so much time posing your kids for the perfect Facebook photo that you end up missing out on making the memory that was happening in that moment. While it’s obviously not feasible to completely disconnect, focusing on living out the memories together instead of capturing it all on your phone will definitely pay off as your children grow older.  

3. Pack Plenty of Snacks

Child eating an apple outside in the Smoky MountainsIf you’re planning to spend your days out and about exploring the Smoky Mountain area, be sure to take plenty of snacks and drinks along with you. While there are tons of restaurants and quick in-and-out type places to grab food, that can really add up throughout a vacation and is likely money you’d prefer to spend on activities or souvenirs. Our cabin rentals in the Smokies have fully equipped kitchens so you can prepare your kids’ favorite snacks there, throw everything in a cooler and head out the door to enjoy your day!

4. Select Child-Friendly Activities

While it might seem obvious, it’s definitely a good idea to research activities you’re interested in doing as a family prior to your visit. Depending on the age of your children, you’ll want to be sure to read through height/weight/age requirements for various activities to ensure everyone is able to participate. There are several places throughout the Smokies that have areas or activities designed with young children in mind including Dollywood, Dolly’s Splash Country and more, so you’ll definitely want to be sure and check those out as you plan your visit.

Dollywood sign above flowers that have been put into a butterfly patternTraveling to the Smoky Mountains as a family will quickly become one of the most memorable experiences in your child’s life, and we know that the family-friendly atmosphere is what keeps so many families coming back year after year. Check out all of our available cabin rentals in the Smokies and find the perfect cabin for your vacation today!