There are several advantages to vacationing in the Smoky Mountains with another family. You can save money by renting a large cabin and splitting the costs, and there many activities in the area that are more fun when you have a big group. At Top Cabin Rentals, we have many vacation cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge that are perfect for group vacations! The following are our top seven tips for planning a getaway at one of our cabins with another family.

1. Find a Family You Are Compatible With

The best family to go on vacation with is usually one that you have lots in common with. Having kids of similar age, for example, is a way to make sure that the children always have company. It also helps if the adults have shared interests with you, such as outdoor activities or visiting historic sites. To plan a vacation together, you will also have to find a family whose schedule is compatible with yours. Make a list of your friends, neighbors, and relatives, and start thinking about which family will be the best match for your getaway.

2. Choose the Right CabinHillbilly Hilton, one of our vacation cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge.

When choosing vacation cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge, you should pick a property with a size and style that will please everybody. We offer a variety of spacious 5 + bedroom cabins that can accommodate two or more families. Yet not everyone has the same ideas about space. For example, some kids are accustomed to having their own rooms while others share rooms. Make sure you and the other family are on the same page when it comes to space. If you don’t all want to stay in the same cabin, consider renting a couple properties that are near one another.

3. Plan Your Transportation

Transportation is another important issue to discuss when planning a trip with another family. If one of you has a large vehicle, you might all pile into that car and share the driving. If you want to be more independent, each family could take their own vehicle. Renting a big car or SUV is another option. Keep in mind that if you only have one vehicle, you will have to be on a compatible schedule when it comes to taking day trips and going out for meals.

Happy families near our vacation cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge.4. Agree on Finances

Money can be a tricky subject to discuss, but it is essential that you are clear about finances when planning a trip with another family. It may seem like a good idea to split the costs right down the middle, but this isn’t always the case. One family, for example, might have more kids and require an extra bedroom. If you go out to eat, you can either ask for separate checks or divide up the bill. There’s no one right way to split up the costs, but it is crucial that you agree upon this in the planning stages of your vacation.

5. Allow For Some Time Apart

A vacation with another family allows for plenty of time for socializing and enjoying Pigeon Forge attractions together. You should also, however, plan to spend some time apart. Each family should have some private time to spend together. You can plan for this or simply keep it in mind as the trip unfolds. While group activities can be a ton of fun, don’t feel obligated to spend every single minute together.

6. Cook Meals Together

One of the perks of our cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge is that they come with complete kitchens. This allows you to stock up on groceries and prepare something tasty to eat whenever you want. You will probably want to eat some meals out, but it’s also nice to prepare a few group meals where everyone can sit down together. You can also have a barbecue if you choose one of our cabins with a grill.

7. Be Willing to CompromiseFamilies enjoying a meal at our vacation cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge.

It’s naturally best to go on vacation with a family with whom you’re compatible. At the same time, no two families are alike in every way. You may put your kids to bed earlier or later than the other family, or you may have different ideas about the ideal way to spend a vacation day. Everyone will have a better time if you enter into a spirit of compromise. You’ll probably find that it’s fun to do things a little differently once in a while!

To start planning your getaway, check out our complete listing of vacation cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge!