If you are searching for the best place to stay during your next vacation in the Smoky Mountains, we suggest getting away at one of our 3 bedroom cabins in Pigeon Forge. With incredible amenities and convenient locations, these cabins truly have it all. To help you make the most of your trip, Top Cabin Rentals has put together three things you didn’t know about staying at our 3 bedroom cabin rentals.

1. Very Versatile

There are a ton of different types of vacations that families and groups can take to the Smoky Mountains. You can be traveling with family, friends, a church group, or even your co-workers. Whichever type of trip you choose, you will need a spacious and versatile place to stay.
This is where a 3 bedroom cabin in Pigeon Forge comes in.

Not only can these rentals accommodate a large number of guests under the same roof, they also make it very easy and convenient for different groups and parties to travel together and save on lodging costs. Not to mention, they can also easily be converted into an in-cabin wedding venue for couples looking to exchange their vows in the heart of the Smokies.

2. Spacious

Speaking of how much room these cabins offer, it is important to note just how much space a 3 bedroom cabin in Pigeon Forge offers guests. Our 3 bedroom rentals can sleep between 7 and 12 guests, depending on which property you choose.log cabin living room looking out on mountains with dark furniture

With their spacious accommodations, our 3 bedroom cabins never feel cramped, even when you have a dozen friends or family members staying together. Common areas like the living room and dining area are great for spending time as a group. At the same time, guests can also head to their bedrooms if they want to relax by themselves for a while. A 3 bedroom cabin in Pigeon Forge truly provides the perfect setting for an escape in the mountains.

3. Affordable

Lastly, guests will be surprised to find out just how affordable staying in a 3 bedroom cabin in Pigeon Forge is for their vacation. As we mentioned before, splitting the cost of renting a cabin amongst your group is a great way to lower your lodging expenses.

In turn, this will mean that you and your group will have even more money left over to spend on fun things to do in Pigeon Forge, like a trip to Dollywood or one of the dinner theaters on the Parkway.

On top of saving money on lodging costs, guests will also enjoy all of the free in-cabin entertainment that these rentals offer. This means that instead of spending money in town, guests can entertain themselves by taking advantage of the fun things to do in their cabin, such as the home theater system, pool table, game room, or outdoor hot tub.

Family eating outside at a picnic tableThe fact that our cabins in Pigeon Forge also offer guests a fully-equipped kitchen means that guests can save money by preparing their own meals at their home away from home. Eating out at restaurants for every meal can add up quickly, so staying in and cooking can save you hundreds of dollars on your vacation.

To find the perfect 3 bedroom cabin in Pigeon Forge for your next getaway, browse our selection of cabins!