It’s that time of year…time to decide on a Thanksgiving vacation! Of course, the Smoky Mountains is the best option for your family vacation, and planning a Thanksgiving vacation to the Smoky Mountains is so easy. We’ve put together a few easy steps to help make the planning process a little bit more smooth, so take a look:

Choose Your Dates

First things first, you have to decide when you’re going to take your vacation. Whether you want to spend a weekend or an entire week, the Gatlinburg area is perfect for your trip! We understand it’s sometimes difficult to decide exactly when to visit. If you have children, you have to consider school schedules, as well as your own work schedules.

Many people think they have to visit the area on Thanksgiving Day to celebrate the season here. In fact, many people come from the holiday to celebrate! Then, when they return home, they don’t have to worry about throwing a huge Thanksgiving feast–they’ve already done it in the Smokies!

Decide on a Cabin Rental

Moonshine Madness cabin in Gatlinburg 2Once you know which days you will be able to visit, the next step is choosing the perfect cabin rental for your family. We have a variety of rentals with plenty of great amenities, featuring everything from game rooms to home theaters and everything in between. If you are having trouble deciding which cabin is best for you, just give us a call and we will help you start the planning and booking process!

To see which cabins are available, take a look at the availability search here:

Set a Plan

When you have booked your Gatlinburg cabin rental and you are ready to start planning your vacation, it’s best to set up a full plan of what you will do while you’re here. Sit down with your family and find out exactly which restaurants and attractions everyone wants to visit. Then, choose which days you will visit each spot. When you set up a plan like this, you will have less stress of figuring it all out when you arrive. Of course, you don’t have to follow the plan exactly, but it’s a good idea to set it up for each day. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time at each location, so you aren’t in a rush to make it from one place to the next.

For help with deciding on attractions, take a look at our article: How to Choose the Best Smoky Mountain Attractions for Your Group or Family.

Thanksgiving dinner in a Gatlinburg cabinShop for Dinner Items

What’s a Thanksgiving vacation to the Smoky Mountains without a Thanksgiving feast? Some people prefer to go out to eat on Thanksgiving, but others really enjoy spending time together in their Gatlinburg cabin rental and cooking up a huge meal.

When you arrive in the Smoky Mountains, there’s plenty of grocery and convenience stores, but it may be easier and save you time to go to the store before you arrive. You can pack up any non-perishable items in the car before you come, so you don’t have to do a full-on grocery store trip when you arrive. Go ahead and make a list of the things you will need to purchase when you arrive, and that will make everything easier for you!

kids packing for a Gatlinburg family vacationPack Your Bags

Once you’ve done all of the other steps, the last thing to do is pack your bags! Be sure to pack clothes that can be layered on and off, so you don’t have to worry about increasing and decreasing temperatures. The weather in the Smoky Mountains is fairly unpredictable, so it’s helpful to have light sweaters and light jackets for your trip. This way, when you’re outside, you can throw the jacket on, but when you’re at an indoor attraction, you don’t have to be too warm!

Are you looking for more travel tips and guides to the area? Take a look at our Smoky Mountain information blog where you can find information about the national park, events in the area and our cabin rentals.