The Smoky Mountains holds a special place in the hearts of all its visitors. With majestic mountains and views that you could die for, it is no wonder this place is on the bucket list of places to visit for so many people throughout the world. Many of these people plan on visiting the Smoky Mountains during the warm summer months or during the changing of the colors in the fall season. However, what these people don’t realize is the wonders the Smoky Mountains hold during the winter season. Winter in the Smoky Mountains is a magical time and it is something that you will definitely want to experience during your lifetime. There are many amazing things that go along with winter, but here are the best things about winter in the Smoky Mountains.

1. Snow Covered Mountains

Though Tennessee has a fairly mild climate, during the winter, the mountain tops of the Smoky Mountains becomes covered in a beautiful layer of snow. So though the trees have long lost their leaves, the mountains are still as beautiful as ever. With these snow covered mountains, you are guaranteed to see some of the best views of the year.

2. Cross-Country SkiingA man cross-country skiing in the snow.

Another perk about winter in the Smoky Mountains is the opportunity to cross-country ski. Once winter rolls around, Clingmans Dome Road closes for the season for motorized vehicles. Then when the snow comes to the Smoky Mountains you can cross-country ski along Clingmans Dome Road for some of the best winter sights of the year. However, if skiing is not your thing you can also walk along this closed road to view the beautiful sights.  

3. Winter Hiking Sights

One of the best things to do in the Smoky Mountains is hike. With so many great hiking trails, it can be hard to choose which trails to check out. However, there are trails that are especially beautiful during the winter season. One trail that should definitely be on your list during your winter visit to the Smoky Mountains is Porters Creek. At Porters Creek, you can experience bits of local history and hike to a frozen waterfall along Porters Creek. The trail is 4.0 miles roundtrip and is considered moderate in difficulty. This trail is great for winter hiking because it is located in a lower elevation area so you will always be able to access the trail even if there is snow at the higher elevations.

4. Less Traffic

Since the majority of visitors to the Smoky Mountains visit during the warmer months there is far less foot traffic than during the warmer months. That means you are more likely to experience the Smoky Mountains’ amazing hiking trails with only a few other visitors, and you will be able to get to each location you want to see faster, which means you can see even more of this amazing national park.

Woman taking a photo in the winter with a tripod.5. Great Photo Opportunities

No trip is complete without being able to document its best parts. During winter in the Smoky Mountains, you will be able to take breathtaking pictures that you will look back on in amazement. You and your friends can have photo shoots at the best overlooks and hiking trails in the region, so you are guaranteed to have a lot of great photos that will amaze all of your loved ones.

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