Whether you’ve been before or not, we’re sure you’ve heard of the world-class theme park, Dollywood! Dollywood amusement park was founded by and named after country music superstar, Dolly Parton. Since it opened in 1961, the park has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Pigeon Forge. One thing that visitors love about it is the variety of rides, especially the roller coasters. To learn more, explore this list of 4 thrilling rides in Dollywood:

1. Thunderhead

Located in the Timber Canyon area of Dollywood, Thunderhead is a wooden roller coaster that opened in 2004. It has many aspects that make it the “wildest ride in the woods.” The track is part of its thrill factor. Riders will love barreling down the 100-foot drop. They will also love going through all of the fun loops. In fact, the track crosses over and under itself 32 times. The speed is what gives the ride its name though. There is a fly-through station where the roller coaster zooms through a tunnel at a speed of 40 miles per hour. It will get even faster though, as Thunderhead reaches a maximum speed of 54 miles per hour.

2. Tennessee Tornado

Tennessee Tornado roller coaster at Dollywood The Tennessee Tornado is another one of the thrilling rides in Dollywood. It was built in 1999 and is located in Craftsman’s Valley. This rollercoaster may be one of the park’s shorter rides, but it definitely packs a punch. As the name implies, every aspect works together to make riders feel as if they are being tossed around by the violent winds of a tornado. The track goes upside-down 3 times and has a 110-foot tall loop. Other notable thrills include a 128-foot drop. What’s more? The Tennessee Tornado reaches a maximum speed of 61 miles per hour.

3. Lightning Rod

The Lighting Rod roller coaster opened in 2016. It is located in Jukebox Junction, an area of the park that is modeled after Sevierville in the 1950s. Visitors can see that the ride lives up to its theme before they even get into the car. Riders excitedly wait in an old-fashioned garage. The real fun begins when they step into the sleek red hot rod, as there are many thrills ahead. The ride has a 165-foot drop and reaches speeds of 73 miles per hour. There is also a full 20 seconds of airtime. It is no surprise that USA Today put the Lighting Rod on their list of “Top 10 Best Roller Coasters in the Country.”

4. Wild Eagle

Wild Eagle roller coaster at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge Dollywood’s Wild Eagle roller coaster is located in Wilderness Pass. When it opened in 2012, it was the first “wing” coaster in the United States. Riders sit underneath an eagle’s wings and take flight, and thrill-seekers will love the 135-foot drop and the variety of rolls, loops, and corkscrews along the track. The ride flies by for visitors, as it reaches a maximum speed of 61 miles per hour.

We hope you get to experience all of these thrilling rides in Dollywood! If you’re looking for a great place to stay while you’re in town, explore the top 4 secret benefits of staying at our cabins near Dollywood!