When you’re trying to decide where to stay on your trip to the Smoky Mountains, you may be thinking about extra perks you’d like to enjoy while you’re away. After all, that’s part of what getting away from real life is all about! You want to enjoy yourself and indulge in fun things you don’t normally do on a regular basis. What better way to treat yourself on your next vacation than to choose to stay in a cabin with a pool? Here are 4 things you’ll love about our Gatlinburg cabins with pools:

1. Included Entertainment

hillbilly hilton community poolStaying in a cabin with a pool provides everyone in your group with entertainment, and you won’t have to pay anything extra to use it! Whether you stay in a cabin resort with a community pool or you choose to rent a cabin with a private indoor pool, you’ll love having the opportunity to do something fun without adding extra costs to your trip! Plus, you’ll also love not having to keep kids entertained all day, which could result in spending more money on attractions you didn’t plan for. You’ll love the included entertainment of having a pool!

2. Enjoy Other Great Amenities

All of our Gatlinburg cabins with pools don’t just come with pool access. They also have all the other perks and extras you’re looking for in a vacation rental! Take advantage of preparing your own meals in the fully equipped kitchens, or relaxing after a long day on the couch by watching your favorite movie or TV show together. Spend time on the private deck with friends and family in rocking chairs or taking it easy in the hot tub. Some cabins even come with theater rooms where you can have an all-inclusive movie night experience, or you can play games in the game room to stay even more entertained. The pool isn’t the only amenity you can enjoy while you’re on vacation!

3. Spend Quality Time Together

emerald city lights poolSomething else you’ll love about our Gatlinburg cabins with pools is being able to spend time with your loved ones. Your family and friends will have so much fun splashing around in the pool, playing games, or sitting by the edge relaxing. Whatever way you decide to spend your time poolside, you’ll love having a way to spend quality time together and make memories that will last a lifetime.

4. Don’t Have to Go Far for Fun

Another perk of choosing a vacation rental with pool access is not having to travel far to have fun! When you want to check out one of the fun attractions in the area, you have to pack up and head out on the road. With a private pool or a community pool, you’ll only have to walk down the hallway or pack a pool bag and head out to the pool! You’ll love the convenience of being able to do something fun without spending extra time traveling to get there!

These are just some of the things you will love about staying in a vacation rental with pool access. Booking one of these cabins is the right move for a lot of people, so why not you too? Look through our Gatlinburg cabins with pools, and choose one for your trip today!