Whether you are planning a birthday surprise, an anniversary gift, or somewhere special to spend your honeymoon, it is always a good time to start thinking about a getaway to our Smoky Mountains romantic cabins. Not only will this give you a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it will give you the perfect opportunity to spend time and reconnect with your sweetheart!

Let us help you plan the most romantic vacation possibly by browsing through all our vacation tips below!

1. Make It A Surprise

man surprising woman with Smoky Mountains romantic cabins vacationThe easiest way to make sure your next trip to our Smoky Mountains romantic cabins is one you and your loved one will remember for years to come is to make the vacation a surprise. Not only will your sweetheart appreciate the fact you chose to surprise them with a romantic getaway, he or she will also appreciate the time and effort you put into making the vacation memorable.

We love planning surprise trips because you can choose to reveal as much of your planning as you want. For example, you can choose not to reveal where you plan on taking your special someone during your trip or you can opt to leave them clues for him or her to figure it out on their own. You can even take your planning a step further and map out a series of fun and romantic things to do in the area you know your special someone will enjoy.

couple spending time together in Smoky Mountains romantic cabins2. Avoid the Crowds

When it comes to enjoying a romantic trip to the Smoky Mountains, you want to remember to keep the focus on you and your sweetheart. That is why we suggest you skip the attractions and amusements where you know you will find a lot of people and instead enjoy something more relaxing and secluded.

A few of our favorite romantic things to do in the Smokies include:

  • Enjoying a relaxing hike in the national park
  • Tour a winery
  • Reserve a dinner for two
  • Watch the sunset at a scenic overlook
  • Go horseback riding

You don’t even have to leave your cabin if you don’t want to. In fact, you may be surprised by all of the fun and romantic amenities found inside our Smoky Mountains romantic cabins are designed to make your stay here as enjoyable as possible. These amenities include outdoor hot tubs, indoor fireplaces, private back decks with mountain views, jacuzzi tubs, movie theater rooms, and anything else you need to relax and have fun during your vacation.

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3. Book a Self-Catered Stay

couple massage in Smoky Mountains romantic cabinsAnother way to make sure your next stay in our Smoky Mountains romantic cabins more memorable is to turn it into a self-catered affair. You can hire someone to bring your groceries, cook you meals, plan an in-cabin massage, or simply surprise your sweetheart with a fresh bouquet of flowers. Whichever you choose, we promise you and your loved one will not be disappointed in the options available to you.

What we love most about this idea is that it allows you to enjoy a relaxing vacation without ever having to lift a finger. With this, we promise you will feel as if you are enjoying a true Smoky Mountain VIP experience.

romantic back deck at Smoky Mountains romantic cabins4. Go When the Weather Cools Off

Last, but not least, we suggest you plan a trip to our Smoky Mountains romantic cabins during a time of year when the weather is a little cooler. Sure, traveling during the summer is always fun because all of the attractions are open and the scenery is breathtaking. However, there are a lot of benefits associated with visiting the area in the winter and fall as well.

For starters, rental rates are a little more affordable during this time of year, excluding the holidays. This will allow you and your loved one to enjoy a romantic getaway at a lower cost.

Another perk that comes with taking a winter trip is it gives you the perfect excuse to curl up with your spouse or significant other and spend time with one another. Whether you are spending time in the outdoor hot tub or cozied up under a blanket in front of a warm fire, we guarantee you will love spending time inside your cabin when the temperatures outside are cooling off.

Now that you know how to make your next trip with your special someone as memorable as possible, it is time to start planning your next romantic getaway today! You can start by browsing through all of our Smoky Mountains romantic cabins.