When most people hear the word museum, they think about quiet places that hold art and sculptures. However, when you step into one of the Pigeon Forge museums, you are greeted with mind blowing stories and fun hands-on exhibits! These attractions cover all types of topics, including events of history and the Hollywood stars of today. Here are 4 exciting museums in Pigeon Forge you don’t want to miss:

1. WonderWorks

WonderWorks in Pigeon ForgeAs you travel down the Parkway in Pigeon Forge, it will be hard to miss the WonderWorks museum. All you have to do is look for the building that has been completely flipped upside down! Once you enter inside, you will get to experience over 100 hands-on exhibits throughout the 6 Wonder Zones. In the Extreme Weather Zone, you can sit through an earthquake and feel the 74 mile per hour wind of a hurricane! Some of the other fun things to do at the museum include the Bed of Nails and Bubble Lab!

2. Titanic Museum

If you are familiar with history, you have probably heard the story of the Titanic. However, we promise you have never experienced it like you will at this museum in Pigeon Forge! As you enter inside the Titanic Museum, you will be given a boarding pass from an individual who rode on the actual ship. Along the journey, you will learn more about your individual, and at the end of your adventure you will discover if you were one of the lucky ones who survived the sinking. The Titanic Museum is full of never before heard stories from some of the passengers and crew members.

3. Hollywood Wax Museum

Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon ForgeDo you love pop culture? If so, you will want to add a trip to the Hollywood Wax Museum to your Pigeon Forge itinerary. This fun entertainment center allows you to rub elbows with some of the most famous Hollywood stars, and even dress up for pictures alongside them. At each exhibit, you will find fun props that you can use to snap a selfie with some of your favorite athletes, singers, actors, and more! The most amazing thing about this museum is that all the figures are made of wax, but they look so real.

4. Alcatraz East Crime Museum

Are you fascinated by crime shows on TV, or curious how police figure out who commits a crime? The Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge covers all that and more! When you enter the museum, you will travel through American crime history from a different perspective for each case. Some of the high profile crime cases you will learn about include the O.J Simpson chase, 9/11, and felonies that date all the way back to the Old West. You will also discover how to catch a criminal using forensic science, such as DNA, blood analysis, and fingerprinting!

Now that you know about the museums in Pigeon Forge you need to visit, take a look at some of the other Smoky Mountain attractions to add to your vacation itinerary! We look forward to seeing you soon!