Are you looking for more than long wait times and the same fried chicken and pancake houses? Top Cabin Rentals knows of some restaurants in Pigeon Forge, TN that offer some unique menu items and shorter wait times. The locals always know the best places to eat in town.

1. Harpoon Harry’s

seafood If you want more than fried chicken, Harpoon Harry’s can offer you all the seafood you want. Harry’s is probably one of the biggest restaurants in Pigeon Forge, TN which makes it great if you have a large group of people dining with you. It’s also unique to be two stories of dining and bar area. Their menu offers items like crab buckets, oyster platters, sushi, shrimp, along with steak and hamburgers. Every dish is dressed up to look delicious and beautiful. Harry’s also has a full bar so you can come out for a drink with your friends and find what you’re looking for.

2. Blue Moose Burgers and Wings

Self described as the “best kept secret by locals” the Blue Moose is a family friendly sports bar. You can expect a clean environment, good food, and to find a game you want to watch when you visit the Blue Moose. Their menu stars are their angus burgers, their “award-winning jumbo” wings, and deep fried corn on the cob. There’s also other sandwiches, nachos, and more; you’ll find something for everyone on their menu. Blue Moose is unique to offer specials Monday through Thursday nights so you can get a little more bang for your buck.

3. El Paso

mexican fajita dishGot a craving for salsa or queso? Welcome to one of the best Mexican restaurants in Pigeon Forge, TN, El Paso. Inside you’ll find a welcoming and festive atmosphere that often has more locals inside than tourists. You can find mouth-watering fajitas, quesadillas, tacos, and more. If you’re looking to have a little adult fun you can find beer, wine, and of course margaritas here too. One of the highlights of El Paso is their salsa bar! It’s full of unique salsa flavors all made from fresh ingredients daily. This is also a hot spot during the summer because they are one of few restaurants to have a comfortable outdoor patio.

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Do you have leftovers from one of these great restaurants? No need to worry because you can bring it back to your cabin that has a full kitchen, so you can eat it later. We have cabins near all of these restaurants in Pigeon Forge, TN, check them out here!