Planning Valentine’s Day can be stressful, you want to be fun, romantic, and make sure your loved one feels special. Top Cabin Rentals has some great date ideas to try when you celebrate Valentine’s Day in Pigeon Forge. So relax and bring your loved on a getaway that you both will remember for a long time.

1. Visit a Nice Restaurant

A classic Valentine’s Day date idea is to go out for a dinner. If you are looking for a classic atmosphere that is comfortable but also romantic Pigeon Forge offers a couple of great and unique restaurants:

  •  Calhoun’s: Calhoun’s offers a cool atmosphere that is dimly light for setting a more intimate mood.The food is classic American  and serves items like ribs, steak, chicken, and more.
  •  Little Tokyo: Here you can add a little something extra to your date, by watching your food be made right in front you. You and several other guests are seated around a massive grill where a chef will prepare your order and throw in some cool tricks while doing so.
  •  Smoky Mountain Brewery: Unique to the area, the Smoky Mountain Brewery is known for their craft beer, wings, and pizza. While it’s very possible to have a romantic date here, the atmosphere is very light and fun. You will often have live music or trivia happening in the restaurant to add to the experience.

smiling couple bowling together2. Go Bowling

If you are looking for a truly unique date, go bowling! Show off your skills, and just have some friendly competition with your loved one while enjoying a game. Going bowling creates the perfect flirty and fun tone that a date should have. There’s a bowling alley located inside the Pigeon Forge Community Center. This also makes for a very affordable date with a game costing only $2.00 during the day, and $1.95 for shoes.

3. See a Movie

Another classic date idea is seeing a movie because of the dark atmosphere and the chance to bond over a shared experience. There are two theaters in the Pigeon Forge area, the Forge Cinemas and Governor’s Crossing 14. The Forge Cinema offers stadium seating with plush-y chairs and is smaller and cheaper. Governor’s Crossing is much larger and can accommodate more people, which means they offer a wider variety of movie options and concessions. The seating here is also stadium style but instead the seats recline.

4. Visit The  Island

The Island offers a full date night without ever having to drive to a different location! You will find a restaurant to dine at, a place to drink, some shopping, and some other attractions. The Smoky Mountain Wheel is the must do at The Island for a date night though. Take your loved one 200 feet above Pigeon Forge in an enclosed gondola. You two will be enchanted and inspired by the views whether during the day with a view of the mountains, or at night with the city lights shining below. The Wheel creates a perfect romantic and intimate atmosphere for your date. This is one of the most unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Pigeon Forge.

couple hiking together5. Explore the National Park

For the couple that enjoys the great outdoors there’s no better place to be than in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! There are over 800 miles of hiking trails and many picnic areas whether marked officially or not throughout the park. You and your significant other can make the climb together up one of the Smoky Mountains trails to soak in a beautiful mountain view and have a small picnic together when you reach your final destination.  

6. Hangout in your Cabin

If you want to avoid traffic, crowds, and save a little money staying in one of our romantic Smoky Mountain cabins with your loved one could be your best option for a date night.You can stay in together to make dinner and relax in front of a fire, or in a hot tub. Another possibility could be watching movies while curled up in a comfy bed or playing games together in your cabin. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you two have the time to be together and celebrate your love.

You and your loved one could celebrate Valentine’s Day in Pigeon Forge, and make the most of your time together while making lasting memories. Find the perfect cabin to share now before they’re gone!