Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you have found the perfect place for a Valentine’s Day getaway, Gatlinburg. Gatlinburg definitely takes part in the romantic festivities, so you and your loved one will be surrounded by the loving atmosphere throughout your Valentine’s Day trip. Of course, you will want to experience the very best that Gatlinburg has to offer during your trip. To help you discover the very best this area has to offer here is a list of the very best things about Valentine’s Day in Gatlinburg.

1. Charming Restaurants

One thing that everyone wants to do during their Valentine’s Day weekend is to go on a romantic date to a charming restaurant. Lucky for you, Gatlinburg is full of many beautiful, romantic restaurants that will provide you with the perfect Valentine’s Day experience. During your Valentine’s Day in Gatlinburg, you will want to check out The Melting Pot, the Alamo Steakhouse, or the Peddler Steakhouse for your Valentine’s Day dinner. All of these locations will provide you with a delicious meal and the Alamo Steakhouse even has secluded seating for the perfect private meal that you desire.

2. Beautiful Sights to SeeSunrise over the mountains in Gatlinburg.

During a romantic getaway, you are going to want to be surrounded by beauty. Gatlinburg is the perfect location for that. You are surrounded by gorgeous mountains throughout your trip that will provide you with breathtaking views that will definitely bring a smile to your faces.

3. The Gatlinburg Wine Trail

What is more romantic than traveling around Gatlinburg tasting the local wines. The best way to make sure you can hit all of the great local wineries is along the Gatlinburg Wine Trail. Along the Gatlinburg Wine Trail, you will get to visit 5 wineries, taste over 60 varieties of wine and go tour 3 of the wineries. If you pick up at your first stop, you will receive free gifts throughout your trip along the trail. You can also purchase your favorite wines to bring home to share with your loved ones.

4. Romantic Gatlinburg Cabins

Your Valentine’s Day in Gatlinburg plans aren’t complete until you find an amazing place to stay. Some of the best places to stay during your Valentine’s Day getaway is at romantic Gatlinburg cabins. All of our romantic cabins are designed with your comfort in mind. Many of the cabins feature hot tubs, fireplaces, full kitchens and breathtaking mountain views that can be seen from the deck of your very own cabin. These cabins are perfect for romantic evenings in sitting around the fireplace or taking a nice relaxing soak in the hot tub. No matter what you end up doing, you will be spending quality time with your significant other which will be an unforgettable experience.

The Afternoon Delight cabin in Gatlinburg.To guarantee you’ll get the best cabin for Valentine’s Day in Gatlinburg book one of our romantic Gatlinburg cabins today.