scenic view of Great Smoky Mountains from Pigeon Forge luxury cabin

How to Have a Healthy Vacation

Getting ice cream, eating candy, and lounging around are certainly vital parts of any vacation. However, your next family trip doesn’t have to result in a larger waistline. When you stay at our cabins in Gatlinburg, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stay active and fit. Here are a few tips for having a healthy vacation in the Smokies: Continue reading

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Appreciate Simple Pleasures in Gatlinburg Cabins

Lovely is a word Top Cabin Rentals’ guests often use to describe their stay in Gatlinburg cabins. We create this lovely sense of laid-back lifestyles in our cabins by offering simple pleasures that guests aren’t experiencing day to day. From coffee overlooking mountain vistas with a friend to family piled up in the living room chattering about a future trip, we hope to create unique experiences that will build loyalty and memories for a lifetime. Continue reading

view of downtown Gatlinburg from a Gatlinburg Luxury cabin

3 Reasons Taking a Vacation Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

Do you want to be happier, healthier, and more productive in 2014? The secret to feeling great and being successful in the new year is as easy as taking a vacation! Scientific research has repeatedly shown that people who take at least one vacation each year enjoy important health and mental benefits. Here are three reasons you should make it your New Year’s resolution to spend your vacation at our Pigeon Forge cabins:   Continue reading

Pigeon Forge aerial view

See the Smokies From the Sky

How would you like an incredible birds eye view of the Great Smoky Mountains? Located minutes away from our cabins in Pigeon Forge, Scenic Helicopter Tours has been offering awe-inspiring helicopter rides high above the Smokies since 1972. A Scenic helicopter tour will give you and your family a whole new perspective on the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Continue reading

Rushing water at the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail in the Smoky Mountains.

Take a Scenic Drive Along the Roaring Fork Nature Trail

People come to Gatlinburg from all over the country to see the majestic beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. However, not everyone who comes to enjoy nature is able or willing to hike through the forest. Fortunately, there is a way to take in the sights of the National Park from the comfort of your car. Located minutes away from our Gatlinburg cabins, the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail is a 6 mile long loop road with stunning views of the Smokies.

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Seafood restaurant in Pigeon Forge

Stellar Seafood at the Smoky Mountain Trout House

If you are looking for high-quality seafood close to our cabins in Gatlinburg, the Smoky Mountain Trout House can’t be beaten. Established in 1975, the Trout House is a classic fixture of Gatlinburg’s famous Parkway. This revered restaurant certainly lives up to the boast inscribed on its menu: “If our fish were any fresher, you’d still be talking about the one that got away”!

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