A trip to the Smoky Mountains should be an adventure that includes the kids, and while it can be hard sometimes to keep their interest levels up, we know our cabins in the Smoky Mountains will not only accomplish that feat, but give them special memories that they’ll cherish into adulthood. Here are 5 things they’ll surely love about our cabins.

1. Game Rooms

Our game rooms aren’t just for small children to enjoy; the older kids will also get in on the action. In our cabins in the Smoky Mountains kids of all ages will be thrilled with the possibilities here. Many of our cabins feature game rooms with a pool table, but foosball, old school arcade games, and ping pong tables are just a few of the gaming options that’ll keep the fun going when you’re enjoying some quality time in the cabin.

2. Cool Pools

When kids are asking “Are we there yet?” they’re really thinking about how long before they can get in the pool. We have cabins in the Smoky Mountains that are near resort pools, and we also have cabins that have a pool inside! You heard right — cabins where the pool is where you don’t have to have walk in the heat and humidity lugging all of your items with you. Now that’s really awesome!

little boy playing mini golf3. Minutes Away from the Fun

Of course, when you’re bringing the kids, you’re not going to want to spend every minute at the cabin. That’s why many of our cabins in the Smoky Mountains are near the dozens of activities kids will be super excited about. Whether it’s go-karts, arcades, and theaters — or museums, candy shops, or extreme games — your kids will love the vast amounts of fun. For real!

4. Movie Theater Rooms

Kids don’t always have to be entertained by what’s outside in the tourism areas; they also want to relax, and there’s nothing better than watching a favorite flick of theirs in one of our extravagant cabins in the Smoky Mountains with a movie theater room. It can be a recent Disney classic or superhero film that they love. Either way, they’ll be dazzled by the experience of their mini movie theater.

5. Bunk Beds

bunk-beds-smoky-mountain-cabinOne thing our cabins in the Smoky Mountains provide that never goes out of style are the classic bunk beds. For generations they’ve given kids something to look forward to when it’s time to get some rest. Many times an argument and a debate between siblings has been raised over who sleeps where, creating some great memories that they’ll look back on, whether they resolved those differences or not.

Top Cabin Rentals is definitely the right choice when it comes to giving your kids a special vacation at our cabins in the Smoky Mountains. If you want to see constant smiles on the faces of your children, ​make a reservation​ at one of our spectacular selection of cabins to give them something they’ll want to tell their friends about!